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Hello, welcome to my website! This is my little corner of the internet and place where you can learn about my interests, work and projects ! ฅ^ •ﻌ• ^ฅ
Make yourself at home and have fun exploring!
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19/jul, 19:15h new website layout!! i'm still fixing some pages!

19/jun, 17:46h i'm on art fight!! come join my team hehe

13/jun 13:23h super busy with commissions~

Latest art I received of my OCs! ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚

22.jul ୨୧ post on /blog
21.jul ୨୧ pixel on /pixels
19.jun ୨୧ new layout!
19.jun ୨୧ site on /links
29.jun ୨୧ update on /about

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This is my virtual room, a place where I store my interests and fun things! ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭ Enjoy clicking around, you might find secret pages!

Name: Arunyi
Age: 20s
Zodiac: guess gemini
Animal: moth
Food: croissant
Season: autumn

Hello, I am Arunyi, a freelance artist based in Europe.
I'm currently making a living of my art and web design but I hope to expand to more areas in the future! My next goal is to create games!

I currently work on...

  • Illustrations

  • Character design

  • Graphic design

  • Web design

art, web/game dev, cooking, ballet, yoga, journaling, porcelain dolls, memes

final fantasy, bayonetta, legend of zelda, mortal kombat, legend of mana

midsommar, crimson peak, black swan, silence of the lambs, the fifth element, john wick

poppy, skinny puppy, rammstein, rob zombie

Blog cleanup

I've decided to clear up my blog posts and start anew! I'm currently doing a general update on my website for the new year! I guess I'll keep this entry short... happy new year everyone!

Sent 01/jan/24

Lil update...

It has been a while since I wrote here! I decided to take a break from monthly blogging since everything I wrote was quite repetitive so I've decided to write more sporadically I've been super busy with work and a had lil breakdown which delayed my work further... so I focused my strength on working aswell as taking necessary breaks!

I have been tweaking the site here and there; I still feel like the current layout isn't quite there yet... I'm also considering adding a page for my photos and recipes but still figuring out how I want to do it!

I think this is it for now! I hope I can come up with more interesting entries

Sent 22/may/24

Summer layout!

Another website update! We're back to blue baby~ I've been meaning to write more blog posts about random thoughts and things I learn but I'm always terrible at expressing myself... and I'm still somewhat shy about writing about personal thoughts I might aswell take this chance to practice my writing skills!

I hope I can add more pages soon such as a photo album and recipe pages! So many ideas but so little time... Do you ever feel like 24 hours in a day isn't enough? I might just move to Mercury at this rate!!!

Sent 22/jul/24

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F2U sozai and pixels for your toybox or site!
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gloomy bear

animal crossing

final fantasy





Here are other projects and sites I'm working on!
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Site of my commission's information. Has a bear cafe theme!

Gallery of my digital art and carrd designs.

Site for my closed species adoptables.

Archive of cute pixel websites and blogs from the 2000s.

Archive of pixel room graphics from sayclub.

Interactive website - under construction

Fan shrine dedicated to Pompompurin.

Archive of the website's past layouts!

꒰ v1: pink windows ꒱

꒰ summer 2022 ꒱ The first layout of arunyi.art! Inspired by windows.

꒰ v3: cinnamon ꒱

꒰ winter 2022 ꒱ A cozy layout inspired by cinnamon and hot cocoa! Featuring my character Canela.

꒰ v5: webcore ꒱

꒰ summer 2023 ꒱ I became obssessed with y2k and webcore! Featuring my character Rain.

꒰ v6: coquette ꒱

꒰ spring 2024 ꒱ I love the coquette aesthetic and missed having a pink layout! Featuring my character/sona Aru.

꒰ v2: rain ꒱

꒰ fall 2022 ꒱ A delicate rainy layout featuring my character Lucia.

꒰ v3: pastel skies ꒱

꒰ spring 2023 ꒱ I wanted to try a more colourful palette!

꒰ v5: cozy ꒱

꒰ winter 2023 ꒱ I missed the cottagecore aesthetic and made this layout! Featuring my character Bliznetsi.

Helpful resources I'm gathering!
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